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14. Cal Serrano

Cal Serrano is one of the most outstanding buildings of Gothic civil architecture of La Seu d’Urgell, which could date to the 14th century, like Ca l’Armenter and Cal Roger, and which stands on the corner of Carrer Major and Carrer de Santa Maria.

The main façade of the building, which opens onto Carrer de Santa Maria, presents, on the ground floor, three large portals with pointed arches which comprised the original entrance. The nearest arcade on Carrer Major features, sculpted on the voussoir of one of the springers, or bottom-most arch stones, a fantastic animal in the form of a griffin – half lion, half eagle – which may have been related to the family insignia of the developers of the property.

The upper floors feature a series of openings, partially bricked in and crowned with ogee arches and on the upper floor of the façade on Carrer Major one can observe a Gothic double light window.

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