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4. Ca l’Armenter

A corner building of notable dimensions, located at the junction of the Carrer dels Canonges and Carrer de Sant Just. On the Carrer dels Canonges, the ground floor facade is porticoed with four columns of octagonal section which support the wooden beams on which the upper floors have been built. These columns are crowned by capitals sculpted with half moons. The façade on Carrer de Sant Just retains all of its medieval character. Two large doors, with pointed voussoir arches which open on to the ground floor, flanked by the half moons which were the insignia of the owner’s family.

The presence of the moons spawned the legend linking the house to the figure of Benedict XIII, known as ‘el Papa Luna’ in Spanish. However, the more likely theory attributes the building to Bishop Pere de Luna (1365-1370) who, like his predecessor, Hug Desbac, wanted to build his own Palace and would have engraved his family’s insignia. Later the house passed to the Canons until the Ecclesiastical Confiscations of the 19th century. It is the seminal work of Gothic civil architecture in La Seu d’Urgell and the Pyrenees.

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