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16. The church of Sant Agustí

From the 16th century, the Augustinian Friars took on the documented tasks of caring at the leper hospital which, since the 13th century, had been founded on the outskirts of La Seu d’Urgell. At the request of the consuls, the Augustinian Friars established themselves inside the city and laid the basis for their monastery next to the Soldevila district. In 1585 the first stone was laid. However the works lasted throughout the 17th century and part of the 18th century. In the 19th century, with the Ecclesiastical Confiscations of Mendizábal, the complex was given over to the new premises of the hospital, which became the productive centre.

The convent Church of Sant Agustí was built following Gothic style. It is a church with a single nave and with a polygonal apse covered with a ribbed vault. Originally the nave had been covered with a double slanted, wooden beamed roof, supported by three pointed diaphragm arches.

In 1990, long after it ceased to function as a place of worship, and after having served as a gunpowder store for several years, it was suggested that this building become the site of the new municipal Public Library of La Seu d’Urgell.

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